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Set Sail...

Dear Friends

I didn't post last week because I had company.  This is the second time my daughter and son-in-law have abandon ship because of hurricanes.  We are all fine and survived with minimal damage but my daughter and I always have a great time together! I try hard to keep our minds busy!  On our walks along the beach during our holiday we found beautiful drift wood.  I've always wanted to create pretty sail boats with drift wood and what better way to sail into Fall! Enjoy our creations...

Friday Goodwill Finds:Pretending

Dear Friends

Happy Labor Day soon and returning from a great end of the Summer holiday.  This year it was a different adventure a beautiful adventure that was a little less crowded and more remote.  I have never been to Gulf Shores before and I may be considering it again. I love new adventures, new people and places.  I have some beautiful vintage finds for you, Friday Goodwill Finds.

Friday Goodwill Finds & Bittersweet

I will be on holiday for a week with my family and my daughter, Jessica, shared these beautiful pics of her upstairs bathroom remodel and thought I would share with my friends.  The reason I'm calling this post "Bittersweet, you see, this is the last remodel to my daughter and son-in laws, Tim, house, their first (WE OWN) house.  They have remodeled the entire house, kitchen, bathroom, laundry, painting all inside walls and trim, I could go on forever, alot of love, sweat, blood, lol!  So much joy in remodeling and adventure in a beautiful place south by the water.  Bittersweet because the service tells them where they must go but one day they will find their forever home.

Summertime Soiree

Dear Friends

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Today I'm sharing my version of a "Summertime Soiree"!  An elegant gathering at Debby's house, my deck that looks onto a pasture we have enjoyed for many years and a pool that I enjoy that I bought for my 50'th birthday!

Beautiful Summertime Rack

Dear Friends

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are enjoying your summer.  This simple coat rack was my Mother's and she had it in her bedroom and hung her gowns and muumuu's.  The little black purse she carried,  I gave it to her as a gift,  I chalk painted it pink, I have a corner that needed "Beautiful Summertime"!